The Beginning Board

In the Beginning

In 1973, I got my first LEGO set. It was the London Bus (set #384). The other items on this board are older and/or collectable items. There are two items on the board that are not listed on Bricklink:

  • The trophy (lower left corner) is from a contest that The LEGO Group and the National Trust for Historic Preservation sponsored at Brickfest 2005. I won first place for “Best design of a fictional building that (had it existed in real life) would be on the registry.” The design was the first version of the “Sand Hills Hotel.” The hotel was the centerpiece for the Sand Hills Short Line layout, which existed in the fictional town of Sand Hills, South Carolina.
  • The MINDSTORMS NXT pin was given to members of the MINDSTORMS NXT beta program in 2006-2007. As the photo editor for BrickJournal magazine, I was able to participate in the beta program. I still have the beta kit, which is currently driving the ferris wheel in my Great Ball Contraption: “The Never Ending Machine.”
  • Sets
    • Fork Lift
    • London Bus
    • Space Shuttle
    • Excavator
    • Exxon Fuel Pumper
    • Signal and Direction-Change Switch
    • Boba Fett Polybag
    • Scarif Stormtrooper polybag
  • Minifigs
    • Legoland White Torso White Legs
    • Legoland – Black Torso, Black Legs, White Hat
    • Legoland – Black Torso, Black Legs, White Hat, White Belt
    • Legoland – Blue Torso, Blue Legs, Blue Hat
    • Legoland – Red Torso, Red Legs, Black Hat
    • Darth Vader – Trans-Red Light-Up Lightsaber
    • Clone Shadow ARF Trooper (Phase 1) – Large Eyes
    • Darth Vader – Chrome Black
    • LEGO Universe Nexus Astronaut
    • Astrobot Male, Biff Starling
    • Astrobot Female, Sandy Moondust