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A Software Engineering blog that takes the human equation into account.

Agile and Accountability

The Real Issue  When you think about Agile, you probably think about backlogs and sprints and requirements and acceptance criteria and so on. Let’s start this discussion by outlining the fundamental item that is usually missing: Accountability. I will let you debate why this is missing , but you can read my thoughts about it…

What is 50 Shades of Binary?

A Software Engineering blog that takes the human equation into account. Editor’s Note: This series of posts will eventually be turned into a podcast, but the posts need to be published before the podcast episodes can be created, I remember when I first got the idea for a podcast. I had just finished what was…

About Geoff

I am a Senior Test Engineer and Consultant with a degree in Computer and Electrical Engineering with extensive experience helping companies in the IT industry improve their applications’ stability, maintainability and performance while also teaching them how to manage these environments moving forward.

I spent several years specializing in short-term, mission-critical, high-visibility efforts where I had to navigate through unknown issues and drive discovery and remediation of complex issues across multiple teams to meet tight deadlines. I also focused heavily on training and knowledge-transfer, ensuring that the work I did was clearly understood by the people I was helping so that they could start to implement the techniques I used on their own.

I now offer the same type of expertise to my current employer (Collins Aerospace), working in the Digital Technology group, supporting software development teams

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