Load Testing

Utilizing the methodologies discussed in my Load Test Planning posts, I can work with your testing and development teams to perform a number of different services including:

  • Load Testing Execution and Results Analysis*
  • Testing Readiness Assessments
  • Load Test Planning and/or Plan Reviews
  • Creation of Test Harnesses or customized tools and extensions**
  • Coordinate and lead full-blown “Test and Attack” engagements***


* While I specialize in using Microsoft Visual Studio, I can help execute tests using other programs as long as you have access to the person(s) who created the tests.
** This offering applies only to the Visual Studio Web and Load Testing application.
*** Please note that these engagements require access to Subject Matter Experts that are not provided by Gray Test Consulting. If you do not have the appropriate SMEs in house, I can help you define the requirements so that you can reach out to other consulting companies (including Microsoft) to schedule the necessary help.